Fall Through Sparks

by Able Baker

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recorded in the summer of 2016 and winter of 2017

Indescribable thanks to my nerdz for prac and realizing these songs with me. Thank you to Sean Michael Dargan for invaluable guidance and encouragement and to Leo Strei for the time and work put into making this record. Thank you so much to my friends and family and anyone who has ever been to a show or given feedback and support in any other way.


released April 17, 2017

All songs written and performed by Able Baker
Lyrics by Tim Anderson

Drums and bass recorded by Brian Liston at Clutch Sound in Madison
Guitars, vox, and keys recorded by Leo Strei at the Ocean in Mpls
Mixed by Leo Strei
Mastered by Landon Arkens at The Blast House
Vox and guitars on track 2 recorded by SMD
Track 7 recorded by Tim Anderson
Lauren Anderson sang on tracks 5 and 6
Cover artwork and design by Caleb Vanden Boom

Tim Anderson - guitar/ vox/ rhodes/ casiotone
Cal Jurgella - guitar/ rhodes/ eternal bind
Adam Jordahl - bass
Scott Fabbri - drums



all rights reserved


Able Baker Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Play One on TV
I’m not a well man but I play a good one well on TV
your strings attach to my arms and legs
and pull until I’m tangled can’t move or reevaluate

but that ain’t the worst of it
it goes deeper into the core
my head is attached telepathically to your every carelessness
I sink back into restlessness

or come wrestle with me now
I’ve sharpened my tongue I know that yours remains fine
but not the sharpest one could cut these cords you’ve strung
and maybe I even like them around me

don’t get me wrong lucid signal
there’s a dying dream parked in the mouth of my driveway
cut the line I let it out slow mo
I’m lost in these cliches

I fumble for the words
you recite them like an actress
if I was well rehearsed
maybe the trains would’ve brought me back to my senses faster
I fumble for the words
you recite them slow with stress

I wish I had eyes in the back of your mind’s intentions
but what’s the use in attempting a futile prevention?
static plays songs to the depths of your heart
and that’s the place to begin to feel

you can’t get nowhere without a prompting
any sound must be indicative of something
a beat any drop all empathy is cut off
and progress takes more than just changing channels
Track Name: Ablutions
close your eyes remember
cold evening December
closed curtains colored soft mint
left our raisin fingerprints
perk an ear for turning locks and mother
still soaking bathwater
kept cooling the heats gone
we lost ours way too young
I may have had a shot once
wasted it how thoughtless

keep these thoughts at bay
wash the wear away

drove in a bout of deep snow
small shovel broke in two so
my feet frozen from kicking that thick white cement
tires broke through but I never could quite dig you out
look to dash glass for a guessing glimpse of true love’s gaze
seems like ages pass through those tinted window panes
drained all of what my delicate strength could allow
what ate you up then eats me up now

ablutions give me time to think of what I wanna do
what I wanna say
putz about under this spout
my reflection is blurry
ablutions give me time to dream a continent
forget the coordinates anyway
ablutions give me time to forget
to keep these thoughts at bay
Track Name: Real World
fogged up when we arrived
hit by a wave smoke outside
do I know you from the everyday?
same place but your faces change
get out who on earth
could crash the craziness where we thrive?
teeter on the rosy rim
lopsided silly grin

I can’t say he didn’t warn me
voice breaking from the corners

sofa or a stronger potion
could bring their heat to a dark 10 by 11
try to piece together
what could break forever
o my (I heard) god speak through a girl
from a bubble world
I know cause I’ve lived there
saw flames in the chandelier
quiver gibberish five drinks deep
and she pleads to her surroundings
I hope she can’t actually save
I hope she can’t actually

I can’t say she didn’t warn me
voice breaking from the corners
escape through the screen door

and on that tipping porch
reds they bummed blazed like torches
a thousand times I fall through sparks
stars shake pointy fingers at
hands and knees in the yard
they wed the ground they water flowers
my head tilts to conversation
they all weave the same questions
she’s just being nice I can tell she’s thinking
shut him off

and in that spinning room
you walked up to me so smoothly
I felt inadequate
my trembling bones wouldn’t let me forget
your gaze fell into my eyes
soon enough your hand took mine
the ceiling and the floor switched places
my balance gave but you held on tight
wanna break the ice?
you repel the Ice in me

I can’t say they didn’t warn me
voice breaking from the corner
I can’t say they didn’t warn me
voice ringing like a mortar
if it’s some consolation
this is the way that it’s always been
and will be…
Track Name: You're On
bigger cities have all these things to be
and bigger people to meet
where is everyone hiding?
so I’ll walk around aimlessly
because I have no place to be

Hey pastiche! polished people where are you now?
you must be looking down from your apartment windows
come out there's nothing down here to be afraid of

I’ll look both ways before wading into that social stream
and no one's noticing
so tomorrow I’m going to school with this fu manchu
and I’ll think of all the people I left behind

I’m no knight in shining sperrys 
but i’m fine at conservations if you talk to me
but I fear I’m developing the attention span of a short greeting

I’ll weave in and out between taller buildings
florescent shops lights rain or snow
or sunny days it don’t make a difference
cause all roads lead to my boring bedroom
Track Name: Nights You Spent
I stand on the dark Rincon beach
feet dug in the sand
you scan the eastern evening for me
peering from across the endless fog
circumstance is looking down

waves crash hard down on me
your love tears me apart
my head won’t hear the secrets you keep
beating in your heart I can’t see far
circumstance is looking down

I can’t let go
it’s coming up
I feel it though
can’t think over you

people think we’re one and the same
they only see our flaws
I’ve tossed all of my friends away
I don’t care which way is down or up
circumstance is looking down

falling I can climb back out again
nights we spent lost on this side of the earth
onside of the bed game head game
from Boston to the West’s red roof
I can smell the salt
but have you heard the news?

circumstance is looking down
I could be with you someday
drag your feet along the ground
the night is nigh don’t fall away
Track Name: Sound Sweeter
birds songs sound sweeter
as my hearing worsens
but if heard clearly
would I deserve the sound of their magnificence?
the company was dreaming about
what it’d be like taking the easy way out
a curt reminder that options abound
increase slow withdrawal from loving oneself

in blustery summer I dropped you home
and cursed the night and your dead phone

birds songs scrape chalkboards
as my patience unravels
and if they kept up
I’d have a hard time not shutting the window
and in the silence I thought to myself
that the walls are unending and breathe with their ridges
and in the darkness I thought to myself
that my eyes are adjusting surprisingly well

in blustery summer I dropped you home
and cursed the night and your dead phone
beneath umbrellas sipping through straws
I laughed right off the break in your tone…

your song sounds sweeter as the band blows out my eardrums
Track Name: Sing to Me
salted roads lie between you and me
closed down school thought abyss kept me up nightly

sing to him sing to me

at the end of the world fiery lights distort
wear these shades stare ahead at the tree and see clearly

sing to him sing to me
spiraling intercede
see to him sing to me

open arms winter eve intercede sing to me
spiders from mars ivy league intercede sing to me
waters warm honestly sing to me